Orgreen मॉडल Nastassja-590: शास्त्रीय ऐनक संग्रह।

ORGREEN Nastassja-590 NASTASSJA-590

Orgreen: Nastassja-590 +  ऐनक रखने के लिए ऐनक के आकार के अनुकूल कैड़ा या मुलायम खालिस ड़ब्बा और विशुद्धता प्रमाण पत्र

मॉडल -
Nastassja-590 Orgreen
रंग -
590(Mat Black / Mat Rose)
गेज -
नोज़्पीस -
Size According
ऐनक का आर्म -
Size According
सामग्री -
- Say the name Nastassja and it conjures up images of a dreamy-eyed actress whose elusive beauty graced the screen in countless cult film classics. In homage to her mystery and allure, we’ve designed our NASTASSJA frames with seductive curves, slim temples and a slight descent on the bridge. Add our key colours and you have an ultra feminine frame for any woman destined to be unforgettable. This model is a also a part of our Grand Danois collection which is a collection in precious materials. The Grand Danois color(s) for this model is: 3, 3P, 4P.

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